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Watch Your Step Among the Autumn Leaves

Ah autumn, a season of beautiful colours, and not quite yet freezing weather. At least not where I am from. But danger lurks...

Among all those beautiful orange and red leaves, something less beautiful hides. Yes, I am talking about dog poo. Until I started dog walking this wasn't something that had occurred to me.

My advice? Try to resist diving into a big pile of leaves if you can help it!

I have had to watch exactly where the dog is pooing, and not take my eyes off the spot, lest I am unable to find the poo.

It has happened to me before, my first autumn as a dog walker. The dog (not pictured!) buried her poo really well among the leaves. I took my eyes away for a second (probably because I was trying to protect my eyes as she kicked leaves in my direction) and then I didn't know where the poo was. I frantically searched for a good 10 minutes and couldn't find it. I am sorry to say that I gave up. It wasn't a well walked spot, so I really hope no one stepped in it. Finding brown poo in those autumn leaves is a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

So lesson learnt! Don't take your eyes off the poo in Autumn! Glad that winter has come.

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