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Bonfire Night and Pets

As I type, I can hear fireworks going off in the distance. Bonfire night was yesterday, but people love letting them off in the lead up to it, and for days afterwards.

Fireworks are pretty, but I can't help feeling empathy for our furry friends. I was with one of my regulars when a thunderstorm started in the middle of our walk. The poor thing was shaking and terrified. We took shelter in a doorway, as I tried my best to comfort her. I had to take her home while the thunder ran its course. Once the thunder stopped, we went back outside to continue our walk. It was much more pleasant without the loud incessant banging!

Loud noises are not pleasant. I remember being 5 years old, and hiding under the table with my cat as a thunderstorm was raging. Like animals, I am sensitive to loud noises, as I am sure many of us are. So as the fireworks have been going off, I have been thinking of my furry friends.

I love watching fireworks, but I always flinch while anticipating the loud bang, even while covering my ears. So I can only imagine how terrified pets must be.

It's even worse when I hear people letting them off in the street.

Silent fireworks are the way to go. Kinder to our animals; pets and wildlife alike.

Until that happens, remember to keep your pets indoors, and with a thunder coat on for that extra comfort. Keep them as snug as a bug in rug!

Stay safe.

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