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Hey There

Whatever you have planned, if you need someone to check in on your pets, walk your dog, or stay in your home as extra company for your beloved pets, then look no further! ​

I am here to give your furry friend the best love, care and attention they deserve when you can't be there.

I grew up with animals and love them dearly, whether it is making friends with cats I see in the street, or smiling at dogs I see on the underground, or getting snuggles with the pets I look after. 

So if your pet lives in Stockwell, Clapham, Brixton or Camberwell, then rest assured it will be pampered and adored!

All About Me


I have always been an avid animal lover for as long as I can remember, and grew up with a loving, affectionate black and white cat named Bisi. I have now been looking after other people pets for several years.

There is really nothing that beats hanging out in a dog park at lunchtime, or gaining the affectionate attentions of a cat. 

I look forward to meeting your lovely pets!

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